Ultra-high resolution future for Android Tablets: Samsung and LG with new high-res screens

The manufacturers does not make it easy for people to make a purchase decision when it comes to which tablet to get, or when to buy it. With the news that both Samsung and LG are preparing to launch new ultra-high resolution tablets screens many might start asking themselves if they should wait even a bit longer.

Samsung tablet screen

Samsung has announced an all new 10.1-inch tablet display which will have a 2560 x 1600 resolution and according to Samsung themselves will consume 40 percent less power than current screen technology. Their new 300 dpi ultra-high resolution screens is said to compare favorably to amongst other Apple’s Retina display. It will be interesting to see if the new screens will find their way into the Samsung Galaxy 10.1-inch tablet by the end of the year.

But Samsung are not the only ones believed to be ready to deliver ultra-high resolution screens to smartphones and tablets, as LG is also preparing to launch their new range of Retina quality displays at next weeks Society for Information Display (SID) in Los Angeles. It is believed that the new LG screens will finally bring Retina quality display to the next generation Apple iPad 3, as well as of course offering higher quality tablet screens for the overall tablet market.

There is no official information as to when these screens will be available on devices in the general tablet market, but we can expect a new ultra-high resolution tablet screen race between manufacturers, with it likely coming down to a race between Apple and Samsung/LG.

Hope is that this might be the screen technology that will be used in the rumored Google Nexus tablet or the Amazon Android tablet (both are just speculations at the moment).

[sources: Tuaw & Thinq]

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