Android partnership with NVIDIA key to future success: Quad Core tablets by end of year

One can probably blame recent years smartphone and tablet success for the current leaps that are being taken when it comes to technical specs for future smartphones and tablets. While before everyone was looking at the computer market to look for technical developments, we are now looking at the mobile market, and NVIDIA is one of the companies leading the way.

Single core processors have been the standard for years now in the mobile market, but in the recent months dual-core processors have been the talk of the town and what will be featured in most upcoming smartphones and tablets.  But if we are to believe NVIDIA, dual-core processors will soon be considered standard on mid-range smartphones and tablets, as they are looking to push their new Quad Core processors into the market, delivering speeds way above what we are currently experiencing.

Google is one of the partners that NVIDIA is working closely with, and these developments are likely going to help Google Android as a mobile platform in the coming years in terms of keeping perhaps a step ahead of competitors when it comes to technical capabilities of their smartphones and tablets.

So why all the hype about Quad Core processors? These are some of the benefits:

  • Up to 5x better performance than current Tegra 2 processors (found in amongst other the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1)
  • With power consumption split between 4 cores¬† it means less work for each core, which leads to overall energy consumption = longer battery life which we all want!
  • Everything you do on your phone will have improved speed. Background processing will be more fluid and efficient, and gaming on Android platforms will be vastly improved.

UnwiredView is reporting that ASOS is already planning an Android Tablet with 3D featuring QuadCore processor by the end of 2011.

How quickly manufacturers will start adopting quad core processors in their smartphones and tablets will of course depend on the price, but it is expected that for those aiming at the high-end market the quad core processors will pretty much be standard by this time next year.

[source: phandroid]

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