Amazon closer to revealing Android Tablet – Bezos hints at Amazon Tablet

It has been no secret that the market is speculating that the next true iPad challenge might come from Amazon in the form of an Android based Amazon tablet solution. Now Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has hinted that the rumors might be true.

Amazon Android tabletThis is just a mock-up i made based on a Galaxy Tab 10.1

In a recent interview with Consumer Reports he just replied; “stay tuned” when asked the question on everyone’s mind, is Amazon working on a tablet. For Bezos to word it like that goes a long way to give support to the rumors, and he even went on to talk about how an Amazon tablet would not replace, but sit alongside, the Kindle, which for me sounds like he is giving the market some strong hints.

The statement from Bezos sits nicely alongside the rumors from Digitimes that notebook maker Quanta Computer has received OEM orders from Amazon for a ‘tablet PC’ with delivery in the second half of the year.

So why are we all so keen for Amazon to enter the tablet market, and specifically on the Android platform? Well, with the launch of the Amazon App Store they showed that they were ready to start being serious in the mobile app market, leveraging their ecommerce expertise and brand name to go along with developing and selling Android apps. It is also believed that Amazon, with their infrastructure, and strength in media and content (e-books, music, video streaming etc.) is perfectly placed to truly challenge the Apple iPad and its content delivery system.

With all the content in place and a ready distribution model, Amazon could be in a position to go lower on price of a new Android tablet, taking a cut on their own hardware margin, but make up for it through content delivery, thereby giving Apple a new type of tablet competitor.

We are keen to see how this story develops, and hopefully we will see a very strong tablet offer from Amazon in the near future.

[source: Cnet]

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